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Unleash the power of artificial intelligence on your data without a single line of code

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Why Maxia?

Designed for Impact.

Maxia provides actionable and explainable insights to enable you to grow your business.


Leverage all your

No more data silos! Maxia integrates seamlessly with your analytics system to connect your data and generate actionable insights

No Engineering

Maxia is a fully managed solution. You do not need an engineering or data science team, just connect Maxia and start generating predictions

Dig Deeper

Maxia is not a black box. We Understand the desire for users to understand the why and provide dashboards and tools to support the predictions and allow customer to understand more about the drivers of their business


Maxia can send user predictions to CRMs (Salesforce, etc.), Marketing Automation (Marketo, etc.), Budget Optimization (Google Ads, etc.), Customer Support (Zendesk, etc.)

How it Works


Connect your analytics data to Maxia (Segment, Amplitude, Heap, Big Query, Redshift)


Select the user action or trait that you are interested in predicting


Maxia will analyze your data and optimize a model that predict the likelihood of this event for each customer


Maxia then sends the predictions to your analytics provider and other business integrations

Who is it for?

Sales Teams

Maxia can score leads with a combination of firmographic, demographic and behavioural data. This data can be sent into Salesforce to help prioritize the top leads make your out reach more effective.

Unlike other tools, Maxia can score at the Account level as well as the User Level and provide fully explainable predictions so you know not just which leads are valuable but why they are valuable as well

Marketing Teams

Optimize your ad spend by predicting which customers will convert and sending this data directly into Google and Facebook Ads. Maxia will analyze customer traits, behavioural patterns and third party data to provide the most accurate predictions and enable you to maximise your ROAS.

Maxia can also identify customers that are likely to upgrade to a new package or churn from the product. These predictions can be sent directly to your CRM or Marketing Automation tools to run campaigns to target these users.

Product Growth Teams

Maxia can identify the factors that influence customer behaviour. Whether it is usage of a new product or the journey through an onboarding funnel, Maxia can predict which customers will do take the action you are interested in and also provide the explanation as to why.

Maxia combines the best of highly optimized artificial intelligence with the fully explainale statistical inference which allows Product Managers to understand which actions affect usage and conversion rate.


Lead Scoring

Never miss a potential lead. Maxia can score every lead and make sure your sales team focus on the highest value prospects

Churn Prediction

Know who is going to churn and why. Maxia can uncover hidden behavioural patterns that can predict users are going to leave. Take action and save customers before they churn.

High Value Prospects

Mine your existing customer database to identify customers ready to spend more. This can be one of the highest ROI campaigns once you discover which customers are ready to move into an Enterprise plan


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