LTV Analysis Done Right

Not all customers are created equal, Maxia identifies the most valuable customers for your SaaS business and helps you acquire more of them


LTV, CaC and Payback Analysis

Discover which segment of your customer base has the highest value and the true payback period for each of your channels. Split by any demographic or engagement based field

Ad Optimization

Maxia can send customer LTV data directly to Google Ads, Facebook and other platforms in real-time to make sure your paid campaigns are optimizing to acquire the highest value customers

Retention Modelling

Our proprietary AI estimates the likelihood each customer will churn every month so you can monitor retention trends in your customer base and prevent churn before it occurs

How it works


Step one

Send us your data via secure upload or we can connect directly via Recurly, Zuora or Stripe API key


Step two

Maxia trains its AI powered model on your data and outputs LTV and retention predictions for every customer


Step three

You will receive access to a custom dashboard with detailed insights and LTV data on your customer segments. You can also send your LTV predictions directly in Google Ads, Facebook and Bing

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Who we are

We are a team of data scientists, engineers and growth marketing professionals. Previous companies have included FreshBooks, Wealthsimple and eBay

Chris Conway


Growth and Analytics Leader
ex Breather, FreshBooks, eBay and Deloitte

Fernando Nogueira


Data Scientist
ex The Score and FreshBooks. PhD Theoretical Physics

Pawel Chomicki


Data Engineer
ex Wealthsimple, FreshBooks and Ericsson


Is my data safe?

Yes. The data is stored in a secure GCP environment and we will never share you data with anyone without your permission

How much data does the model require?

If you SaaS business has at least 5000 paying customers and 2 years of history then the model will be able to generate very reliable and stable predictions

What kind of data is needed?

We will use historic data on MRR, churn, payment frequency, demographic and engagement data and anything you can provide us to help improve predictions

Can I get a preview?

Of course! Sign up for our early access and we will reach out to you for a personal demonstration

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