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No-code artificial intelligence that finds your best customers

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Who it's for

Maxia helps companies identify their best customers with artificial intelligence


Predict actions or behaviors that indicate a customer's lifecycle stage so you can optimize your campaigns and send relevant messages to drive conversion.


Predict when a customer is most likely to buy and trigger a sales reach out so you can drive acquisition, revenue growth and lifetime customer value.

Customer Success

Predict when a customer might churn - or want to buy more - so you can support and sell customers more effectively increasing retention.


Enterprise-wide actionable data, automatically.


Maxia learns from your data, so you can move beyond what happened, and get probabilities and predictions for what your customers will do next.

Built for
Growth Companies

Production-ready models with fast implementation and affordable rates are perfect for startups and product-led growth companies.

Easily Connect
Your Data

Maxia connects to your historic and live Segment data with our native integration, and sends predictions to Segment and all your integrated destinations.

How it works

Maxia helps companies identify their best customers with artificial intelligence

One-Click Data Integration

Your data is protected and secure with with in-transit and at-rest encryption powered by Google Cloud Platform.

Tell Maxia what you want to know

Want to know if someone is going to buy? Ready for upsell? About to churn? Maxia can predict it all and send insights to a Segment customer property or event.

Let Maxia do the work

Maxia sends predictions into all of your Segment destinations. Use our predictions to customize marketing messaging, sales outreach, or your customer success efforts.


Data-driven companies love Maxia
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We learned that 80% of our Enterprise upgrades were coming from 10% of our customers and it enabled our sales and customer success teams to focus their efforts and generate more revenue than before.

- Patrick Edmonds, CMO, Proposify
Fernando Nogueira

“Maxia is at the forefront of predictive analytics. Their technology makes it easy to build enterprise-grade ML models from your customer data. ”

- Fernando Nogueira, PhD, Senior Data Scientist, Shopify
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Connect your data, build an ML model, and our next testimonial could be you!

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Is my data secure?

Yes. We use encryption powered by Google Cloud Platform to ensure that your information is secure.

How long does it take to set up?

After your one-click OAuth connection, we’ll book an onboarding call with you to set everything up. Maxia usually starts delivering predictions within a week.

How much data do you need?

We analyze all data in your Segment or Rudderstack instance. The more data you connect, the more Maxia can use to provide high-quality predictions. Maxia works best with at least 1000 historic instances of the trait or behavior you want to predict (eg conversions)

Does Maxia work with all Segment tiers?

Maxia works with all plans but the users on the Segment Business Plan have the benefit of using the data replay function to access historical data and get their predictions faster.

I don’t use Segment. Do you connect with other data sources?

Maxia also supports Rudderstack data sources. Want to use Maxia with another data platform? Let us know.